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The Dunedin Marina in Photographs

If I were to make a list of Florida's most picturesque spots, the Dunedin Marina would be on that list.  Take Main Street down to the water and you're there.  Locals often take in the view from Edgewater Park, Bon Appétit Restaurant & Bar, and The Old Bay Café.  Enjoy the view!

10 reasons to visit the Tampa Bay History Center

1.  To learn about Tampa Bay's Tocobaga Indians from knowledgeable volunteers.  The Tocobaga were the first Native Americans encountered by Spanish explorers in the Tampa Bay area.  They were present long before the Seminole Indians arrived in Florida. 2.  To learn about Florida's involvement in the civil war from costumed historical interpreters. 

The end of summer and the beginning of Florida’s outdoor festival season

Today might officially mark the end of summer, but Florida has yet to get the message.  As usual, temperatures are still in the high 80's as September comes to an end.  And they will probably stay that way until the end of October.  While tourists frolic on our beaches through summer, most

Where to Celebrate Oktoberfest in Tampa Bay

This is the old 2015 Edition. For the 2016 guide to Tampa Bay area Oktoberfests click HERE. Oktoberfest festivities in Tampa Bay began this weekend with St. Petersburg's Oktoberfest and Franz's Lagerhaus Oktoberfest, but there are many more Oktoberfests coming up. Oktoberfest Tampa In 2013, Oktoberfest Tampa was named one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations

A Tale of Two Beers

September 19th, 2015 marked the first day of the 182nd Oktoberfest in Munchen (Munich).  That's right - Oktoberfest starts in September in Germany.  The Mayor of Munich tapped the first keg of Oktoberfest beer at noon, Munchen time, concluding with the words, "O'zapft is!" - "It's tapped!"  Although most places in America wait