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Oh the Places You’ll Go

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of publication of the Dr. Seuss classic, Oh the Places You'll Go!  In celebration, his estate approved the travelling "Oh, the Places You'll Go! 25th Anniversary Gallery Exhibition." From September 12th through September 26th, 2015, Syd Entel Galleries & Susan Benjamin Glass in Safety Harbor, FL is hosting the exhibit. 

Dunedin Fine Art Center’s Wild! Quintuplet Gallery Opening

Last night, the Dunedin Fine Art Center went WIILD!, unveiling 5 new exhibits in a single evening. The theme: Wild.  Wild can mean many things, encouraging a diverse collection of artwork including Carlton Ward Jr.'s Florida Wildlife Corridor photographs; paintings of wildlife; and the unusual, or wild, arrangements of objects into art. 

Today in History, the Florida Edition

On September 8, 1565, 52 years and 5 months after Ponce de Leon claimed Florida for Spain, Pedro Menendez landed on the east coast of Florida with 5 ships carrying a total of 600-800 people.  His intentions: to drive out the French Huguenots and establish a Spanish settlement in what is now

Art & Sport on Central Avenue – St. Pete

It's an exciting time to take a stroll down Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, FL.  It's baseball season, football season, and mural season all wrapped up in one. Mural season?  This year St. Petersburg is hosting two new festivals dedicated to local art and murals.  These are the SHINE festival, from