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Cotee River Seafest brings seafood, blues, and boat rides to New Port Richey’s Sims Park

cotee river seafest

Remember that calendar of seafood festivals from Florida Rambler that I shared on Facebook back in January? I've been going to several of these. This weekend, the seafood festival calendar led me out to New Port Richey for the 17th Annual Cotee River Seafest. Having never been to New Port Richey, I was

A Taste of Dunedin

Taste of Dunedin

With over a dozen restaurants lining Main Street, downtown Dunedin may be the perfect location for a restaurant crawl. Think of a restaurant crawl like a pub crawl, but with food samples instead of beer. This is essentially what Taste of Dunedin is. For $20, you are given a taste pass to carry

Celebrate Spring with beer at Franz’s Lagerhaus – Palm Harbor

a toast

Franz's Lagerhaus is one of those small strip mall restaurants in a quiet suburb that could easily go unnoticed...if it weren't for the beer. Franz Rothschadl has been brewing delicious, award-winning beer in Palm Harbor, Florida for over 20 years. And this isn't just your ordinary beer, either. Franz isn't afraid to brew a