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If you are interested in keeping up with both my Florida Illustrated and my Creative Loafing projects, then you should join my new email list. You'll receive about 1 email a week with links to my most recent writing and photography projects. If you live in the Tampa Bay area,

Thanks for a great year

Menchie's cake

I never thought I'd be celebrating the one year anniversary of a blog, but this blog is me. Florida Illustrated turns 1 today, and as I look back upon the past year, I am grateful for many things. Mostly, I am grateful for the role that photography has taken

Committed to Bringing You Unlimited Photos

After 3 months of blogging on, I had already taken up 50% of my allotted space.  The reason: Lots of big photos. It was time for Florida Illustrated to find a new web host. Selecting a web host is a lot like shopping for a new home.  This makes sense because a web

Redefining Florida Illustrated

The biggest challenges to launching a blog are: (1) picking the right subject, and (2) making sure anyone interested in reading your blog actually knows about it. Florida Illustrated represents my third attempt at blogging.  My first blog was Antiviral Immunity.  I soon found that for many people, this blog was too technical, and