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Florida Landscapes: a photoessay

Centre St

Of all the photographs I've taken, the Florida landscapes are my favorite. Because who doesn't love beaches, sunsets, and natural springs? I recently decided to enter one of my Florida Landscape photos into Lake Shore Camera's monthly photo contest, and I actually won a free 11x14 print. I know this

Thanks for a great year

Menchie's cake

I never thought I'd be celebrating the one year anniversary of a blog, but this blog is me. Florida Illustrated turns 1 today, and as I look back upon the past year, I am grateful for many things. Mostly, I am grateful for the role that photography has taken

Everything’s Beachy Keen on Amelia Island

When you're a 13-mile long island, you've got a lot of beaches: public beaches, private beaches, natural beaches, historic beaches....Amelia Island has far more than it's fair share of beaches. There are so many beaches on Amelia Island that the official visitors' guide had to narrow things down to a list

A pub crawl with history – Fernandina Beach

the palace saloon

At any destination, one of my favorite things to do is take a guided tour of the city. There are several options in the historic city of Fernandina Beach (on Amelia Island) and most of them are offered by the Amelia Island Museum of History: This was the first time I'd

Planning a great Florida A1Adventure

The Road When my friends said they wanted to go on a road trip, but we could stay in the state of Florida, I had to get a little creative. So I thought about it, and decided to look into roads that run along the coastline, because that's where all the

Day Trip: Fishing for Fun in Cedar Key


Cedar Key is, first and foremost, a small fishing village on Florida's gulf coast. On a good day, the population hovers around 600-800 people. Rising sea levels, salt water intrusion, and the beginning of fishing season are front page news here. Why am I writing about some Podunk, middle-of-nowhere, fishing village