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Frenchy’s Stone Crab Weekend

With Clearwater Beach in sight, the cars started backing up on Causeway Blvd.  For a few moments, there was bumper-to- bumper beach-bound traffic.  Since I wasn't driving, this provided a unique photo opportunity.  I was free to snap shots of Clearwater Harbor from the middle of the road without getting run over. It seemed everyone was

Chalk it up Clearwater

Clearwater's Beach Chalk Art Festival started this morning, and artists lined the sidewalks of Beach Walk, surrounded by pastels and construction barricades, patiently creating their works of art from 8 1/2 x 11" reference photos in the hard light of day. The festival runs through 2 pm Sunday, October 25th, 2015.

The view from Jimmy’s Crows Nest

Today I scoured the Tampa Bay Times Ultimate Bar Guide in search of a good rooftop bar in Clearwater.  My goal was to shoot a very quintessential Florida photo that could serve as a header for this blog, but in order to do this I needed a great view.  This is

Attention Frenchy’s Fans and Seafood Lovers

Clearwater's favorite seafood restaurant, Frenchy's Rockaway Grill on Clearwater beach, has an exciting list of specials this month. The list of appetizers includes Bavarian pretzels - a nod to Oktoberfest cuisine, but with a Frenchy's twist. These pretzels are served with crabby bay cheddar cheese IPA beer sauce.   Also on the list

Clearwater Beach as Erika approaches

With the current state of uncertainty surrounding Erika (once a hurricane, then a tropical storm, and now a low-pressure system), I decided to make one last trip to Clearwater beach before the rains come.  We stopped at Detroit Coney Island on Mandalay Avenue for lunch before proceeding to the water so I could

In search of the Perseids

I had wanted to attend the Perseid Meteor Shower Night Walk in Dade Battlefield Historic State Park as recommended by the Tampa Bay Times.  That was until I realized the park was over an hour's drive from my house. In general, my favorite place to stargaze is just outside the