Stormbringer rocks the L.B.C.

It was my first time going to the new Local Brewing Company (L.B.C) in Palm Harbor and attending a Stormbringer show.  I’d driven past the L.B.C. quite a few times over the past year, wondering what lay inside.  Finally, on Saturday night, I took the plunge after hearing that local Tampa Bay band, Stormbringer, would be performing.  Stormbringer looks a lot like an 80’s hair band, and they are known for performing hits from the 70’s and 80’s.  This weekend, Stormbringer performed at the L.B.C. with Robby Steinhardt, the violinist from Kansas.  Hearing them play Dust in the Wind and Carry on Our Wayward Son, I felt like I had won free tickets to a Kansas concert.  It was epic. Don’t feel too bad if you missed it – you will have plenty of chances to hear Stormbringer perform at local Tampa Bay venues if you check their calendar or sign up for their newsletter online.  And you can always visit the L.B.C, have a beer, and watch a concert on weekends.  Follow the L.B.C. Facebook page for details.

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