From Florida to Frankfurt

It was like Oktoberfest in August last night at the Tampa International Airport (TIA).  Mein Heimatlund Musikanten, the Gulf Coast Enzianer Schuhplattler Dance Group, Old Castle Restaurant, and Cigar City Brewing gathered on the 3rd floor of TIA to help kick off a month of German festivities with oompah-rific, foot-slapping song and dance, and German food & beer samples.  What’s all the celebration for?  Starting on September 25 2015, Lufthansa will be offering direct flights from Tampa to Frankfurt.  Check out the TIA events page online for concert times.  The next big concert will be on Friday, August 28th, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

DSC01422 (2) DSC01423 (2) DSC01425 DSC01426 DSC01435 DSC01436 (2) DSC01445 DSC01448 DSC01449 DSC01458 DSC01460 DSC01464 (2) DSC01467 (2) DSC01473 DSC01476 DSC01479 (2) DSC01490 (2) DSC01504 DSC01514 (2) DSC01516 DSC01519 DSC01525 DSC01527 (2) DSC01529 DSC01533 DSC01539 (2) DSC01541 DSC01544 DSC01545 DSC01546 (2) DSC01555 DSC01557 (2)

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