Getting ready for college football season, Big 10 style, at Ferg’s

Ferg’s Sports Bar is traditionally a Ray’s bar.  Located on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg’s EDGE district, it’s within walking distance of Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Ray’s baseball team.  But it’s not always baseball season.  Soon baseball season will turn into football season, and come September, Ferg’s will be happily hosting football game watching parties.  They already started gearing up for the change this weekend with their Annual Big 10 Football Kickoff Tailgate Party.  This Saturday, local Big 10 Alumni clubs set up tents surrounding Ferg’s back courtyard, while Life of the Party played onstage, and Big 10 alumni ordered food and beer from an outside bar and sat at tables throughout the courtyard, listening to the band.  It’s a good way to get psyched for the beginning of college football season.


DSC01662 DSC01628 (2) DSC01635 DSC01639 DSC01649 DSC01653 DSC01658 (2) DSC01659 DSC01660 (2)

So if you need a place to watch a Big 10 football game this season, I’m sure Ferg’s will oblige.  I know the U of M club of Tampa Bay will be there.

DSC01654 (4)

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  1. Hi – sorry for typo, only see 11 photos posted with *this* blog entry. Thanks for sharing


    • I took more photos at the event, but I only posted 11 to avoid redundancy. I post my favorites. Also, some Universities set up a nicer tent than others. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good photo of my alma mater’s tent because it didn’t have the University’s name on it. On the other hand, one tent was so popular it was difficult to get a decent, mob-free photo of it. Were you looking for something in particular?


  2. I only see 11 photos posted with his blog entry – is that all the photos? Or are there more?


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