Speaking of art: Talk & Tour at TECO

DSC02774 (2)

DSC02796Last night I was back at TECO public art gallery in downtown Tampa for another Talk and Tour.  This time Debra Radke, gallery curator, was showing her own work.  Debra is both a painter and a printmaker. Much of her work is inspired by nature, and my favorites were the prints featuring flowers.  I learned from her talk that many of these were inspired by a book of dried flowers kept in her family since the early 1900’s.

As a printmaker, Radke uses a combination of dry point and monotype in her work.  In dry point printing, the artist uses a needle to etch lines into a metal plate.  The artist then applies ink to the plate.  Finally, the plate is run through a press that transfers the image to paper.  This produces something that resembles a pen and ink drawing.  Monotype is used to add color.

The TECO Talk and Tour receptions are a great way to learn about an artist’s technique and inspiration.  Radke’s paintings and prints, 27 in total, will be on display at the TECO art gallery through October 30, 2015.

DSC02818 (2)

DSC02816 (2)

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  1. Congrats Debra. I wish I’d known about the event before today. Would have loved to come out and support you. Best wishes!


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