Safety Harbor draws large crowd with Harbor Sounds Oktoberfest

As you may have guessed from my Tampa Bay Oktoberfest roundup on September 20th, I plan on hitting as many Oktoberfest celebrations as I can this year.  This weekend I attended Safety Harbor’s Harbor Sounds Oktoberfest on Main.  Police blocked off a large section of Main Street – about 9 blocks – in anticipation of the crowds.  As the evening progressed, more and more people joined in the celebration, sampling both American and German foods from tents and trucks lining the streets, drinking beer, and migrating en masse towards the small park where the Black Honkeys were playing at 7:30pm.

from above other direction

from above

from above 3

As the concert began, the area surrounding the gazebo (a.k.a. the stage) became more of a mob than an audience, but I managed to get some photos of the band anyway.



DSC03182On my way out I stopped for a late dinner at Tapping the Vine‘s special events tent.  I was looking for some good German food, and they had taken extra care to provide delicious German food and drink to the crowd.  At their outside tent, you could order Bratwurst with Sauerkraut or Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin Skewers with Jägermeister BBQ sauce and German Potato Salad for just $7 (below).  Inside the restaurant, they offered Pork Schnitzel with Spätzle in traditional German style with creamy mushroom Jäger sauce.  I couldn’t have chosen a better way to end the evening.


Tapping the Vine's Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin Skewers

Tapping the Vine’s Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin Skewers with German Potato Salad.

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