As the sun sets over John’s Pass

We were advised to arrive at Gator’s hours before Saturday’s Holiday boat parade.  Thankfully, the pelicans and dolphins of John’s Pass provided us with endless entertainment.  The flurry of activity above suggested an abundance of fish below.


DSC07158 a

DSC07223 a


The sunset was one of the best I’ve ever seen.  I was particularly drawn to this one fisherman at sunset, as he cast his net into the water repeatedly.  John’s Pass was traditionally a small fishing village, and this one man appeared to symbolize the history of the town.  The fishing here is legendary.  You can also see that I liked the row of snowy egrets in the foreground of many of these images.  The Snowy egrets – like the man, the dolphins, and the pelicans – are here for the great fishing too.

DSC07300 a

DSC07301 a




DSC07348 a

DSC07356 a


DSC07371 a


DSC07394 a

DSC07406 a

DSC07414 a

DSC07416 a

DSC07426 a




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