Coming to Oldsmar

Do you ever have one of those days when you hate every single photo you take? That was my Friday. I went to R.E. Olds park to get some photos of the first Oldsmar Centennial concert, but ended up arriving at the beginning of an hour-long intermission. You can’t write a story about a concert when you don’t hear any music or get a single picture of someone holding a musical instrument. Photoessay fail.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the park was dimly lit, so the few photos I did take were somewhat lacking in detail.  So instead of a story about a concert, I have a story about how to fix your crappy photos, paired with a preview of upcoming Oldsmar centennial events.

Around the same time I was working on this story, I saw some folks sharing painting-like photos online.  The effect was cool, and I was wondering if I could save one of my photos with it.  The original photo was a landscape – the fishing pier at R.E. Olds Park at night.

DSC09670 (2)

I liked the composition, but the photograph was too dark, fuzzy, and lacking in color.  I was having a really bad day, wasn’t I?  So I followed this life-altering Photoshop tutorial online: Turn a Photo into a Painting.  I applied the Dry Brush filter as suggested and super saturated the colors, and I got this:

DSC09670 painting 2 square

Finally, I had something I enjoyed looking at.  Here’s the same effect applied to the R.E. Olds Park Bandshell:

DSC09675 a painting (4)

Why all the effort to try and save these two photos, you ask?  Because Oldsmar turning 100 is a momentous occasion.  The city has planned a year’s worth of events to commemorate it, including 4 centennial concerts, an Oldsmobile Antique Auto show, a parade, and fireworks.

The concerts will occur at R.E. Olds park on 5th Fridays throughout the year, and each will feature a different genre of music.  This Friday’s was the Classic Rock concert, with performances by the Black Honkeys and Mr. Pickles.  There are 3 remaining 5th Friday concerts:  Country music on April 29th, Caribbean Reggae on July 29th, and Golden Oldies on September 30th.  Parking is extremely limited, so either get there early and enjoy the sunset, or live within walking distance of the park.

The main event will be the 55th Annual Oldsmar Days this Spring, from April 1-3.  This is when the antique Oldsmobile show and parade are scheduled for.  Thankfully, there will be a free trolley to the park to avoid parking issues during this weekend-long celebration.

Go to Oldsmar 100 for the full schedule of events, and mark your calendars.




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