Facing Deconstruction at Wine & Brew – Dunedin, FL

With a title like “Facing Deconstruction,” I wasn’t sure what to expect from Wine & Brew‘s current art exhibit.  Deconstruction can mean many things: breakdown, analysis, dissection.  Deconstruction can also refer to the disassembly of physical structures into their component parts, and the re-use or repurposing of these parts.

DSC00734 a

Facing Deconstruction at Wine & Brew

I’ve always loved the opening receptions at Wine & Brew because they give me the opportunity to meet local artists in a fun setting and to learn the objectives of their work. With these conversations, it is much easier to ascertain the meaning of titles like “Facing Deconstruction.”

“Facing Deconstruction” features Carrie Smith’s portraits, Dustin Goolsby‘s love of industrial decay, and Jay Titus’s painted car hoods.  When you view them together, the title “Facial Deconstruction” totally makes sense.

Jay Titus describes his work.

Jay Titus describing his work to an onlooker.

Both Smith’s and Titus’s paintings include faces.  Smith’s realistic portraits brought a great number of beautiful faces to Wine & Brew.  While each of Carrie’s paintings featured a single face/person, Jay’s work (see above) features many faces intertwined in an interesting fashion.

Dustin Goolsby posing next to his artwork.

Dustin Goolsby posing next to his artwork.

Goolsby’s work revolves around deconstruction in the physical sense.  He particular enjoys locating industrial objects in a state of decay or deterioration, and recycling them into a work of art. Put them all together and you have “Facing Deconstruction.”  On display at Wine & Brew through the end of the month.

DSC00744 a

The artists, from left to right: Dustin Goolsby, Carrie Smith, and Jay Titus.

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