Craft Street Kitchen – It’s Stoopid Good

“I’m sitting here thinking of nine synonyms for awesome, because I cant write awesome 10 times in the same blog post,” I said jokingly to my dining companion and friend.  “Technically you could,” she replies, and then offers up “stoopid good” as a synonym.  Our trip to the new Craft Street Kitchen in Oldsmar, FL was awesome.

DSC00726 a

The dining area was floor to ceiling warm wood and brick, with decorative lighting hanging from the ceiling beams, and chalk boards advertising the specials.

DSC00731 a

We could hardly contain our excitement as our waitress spoke to us of beer flights, whiskey flights, and Dirty Buffalos.  The Dirty Buffalo, by the way, was the best drink I’ve had in years.  Years!

DSC00708 a

For our meal, we were content to dine on starters. Our waitress raved about the Short Rib Sweet Potato Tots – sweet potato tots topped with garlic aioli and braised short rib, with thin green onion and red pepper strips as garnish.  It looks good, doesn’t it?  It tastes even better.

DSC00712 a

We paired this lovely dish with a large side of fried pickles – one of many shareable sides available at Craft Street Kitchen.

DSC00716 a

I followed this up with a bowl of the decadent beer cheese soup on special.  Beer cheese soup is one of my favorite choices on any gastropub’s menu.  This one was made with Hacker-Pschorr beer, Andouille sausage, and cheddar cheese; topped with porkbelly croutons; and served with pretzel bread.  In other words, it was unique and delicious like everything else we tried on the menu.

DSC00719 a

Craft Street Kitchen might be my new favorite place to eat and drink.  As an added bonus, their new Oldsmar location is in the same shopping center as AMC Woodlands, making it a great choice for lunch/dinner before a movie.

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