Mono Monday: Cracker Country

Today I am taking you back to the Florida State Fair for Mono Monday.  This time we are going to explore Cracker Country.  Cracker Country is Tampa’s only living history museum.  Unlike the rest of the Florida state fair, Cracker Country is open year round.  Here you can visit some of Florida oldest homes, watch people make syrup out of sugarcane and weave cane chairs by hand, and get a sense of what it was like to live in rural Florida.  Sometimes, you can also hear some really good bluegrass music here.

Carlton House 1885 a

DSC00785 a

DSC00811 a

DSC00840 a

DSC00867 bw

DSC00877 bw

DSC00883 a

DSC00885 a

DSC00889 a

Smith House 1894 a

About Mono Monday: I don’t always post on Monday, but when I do, it’s in black & white.  The trend of posting monochromatic images on Monday was started, as far as I can tell, by flickr in 2014.  Polaroid blipfoto, an online photo journaling community, also participates.  It may not be as popular as Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday (yet), but here’s hoping it soon will be. 


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