Mono Monday: Florida’s Nature Coast

Florida’s Nature Coast refers to a section of Florida’s west coast, running from Port Richey in the south to Wakulla in the north.  This particular section of Florida encompasses many of the state’s natural attractions, from manatee viewing in Crystal River and Homosassa to fishing in Cedar Key.  I recently had the pleasure of making a trip to Citrus County to see the manatees in Crystal River and Homosassa.  I am still going through all the photos, but here are my favorite monochromatic images from the trip.

DSC01001 bw

DSC01053 a2

DSC01142 a bw

DSC01182 bw

DSC01183 bw

DSC01185 bw

DSC01299 bw

DSC01281 bw

DSC01309 bw

DSC01342 bw

DSC01357 bwAbout Mono Monday: I don’t always post on Monday, but when I do, it’s in black & white.  The trend of posting monochromatic images on Monday was started, as far as I can tell, by flickr in 2014.  Polaroid blipfoto, an online photo journaling community, also participates.  It may not be as popular as Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday (yet), but here’s hoping it soon will be. 

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