AQUIFERious honors the beauty of Florida’s Springs

If you love blue, then AQUIFERious is for you.  With a subject like Florida’s Springs, you’re bound to see a lot of blue, and Tolbert delivers many brilliant shades of it.  Margaret Ross Tolbert is the organizing force behind AQUIFERious, a collection of paintings and photographs of Florida’s springs.  Tolbert is also the painter.  As you can see from the photographs below, she is particularly adept at applying various shades of blue to canvas, representing water’s flow through (and underneath) the state of Florida.

DSC01683 a


Tolbert and friends have been diving down into Florida’s springs and caves for years, inspiring some gorgeous artwork, maps, and photographs, collected and organized into AQUIFERious, the book and traveling exhibition.

AQUIFERious the exhibition is currently on display at HCC Ybor Art Gallery in the Performing Arts Building through February 26th – check their website for hours if you are interested in going.  One of the things I love about this project is the juxtaposition of paintings and photography in the same exhibit.  For example, you can see Mark Long’s photograph of The Well next to Tolbert’s painting of it.

DSC01706 a

The inside images are Tolbert’s painting of The Well (left) next to Long’s photograph of the same subject (right).

The book houses even more artwork and photographs than the exhibit, and I highly recommend it to all Floridians.  It’s a beautiful guidebook to Florida’s springs.  You can purchase the AQUIFERious book through the Thornebrook Gallery in Gainesville, FL.  Find them on via the AQUIFERious listing.


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