Fish & Chips, Lenten Fridays, Corned Beef, and St. Patrick’s Day – North Pinellas

This started out as a post about fish & chips.  It was a Friday during lent, and I didn’t feel like cooking, so fish & chips came to mind.  Then I realized that most of the places with fish & chips on the menu are Irish/English pubs gearing up for their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  Consequently, I made a list of five places where you can enjoy fish & chips, corned beef, and St. Patrick’s day revelry in North Pinellas.


Cricketers British Pub & Restaurant, Dunedin, FL

From the number of people pouring into Cricketer’s between 5 and 6 pm on a Friday night during lent, you can guess they’ve got some damn good fish & chips.  It’s hard not to be satisfied when you have your choice of Cod, Pollock, or Haddock, battered, fried with chips, and served with homemade tarter sauce.

IMG_1135 a

In addition to making fantastic fish & chips, they also throw one hell of a parking lot party.  Their St. Patrick’s Day parking lot party runs from March 17th – 19th this year and will feature green beer; food; and live music from the Greg Billings Band, Jeriko Turnpike, Strange Brew, Rise of Saturn, and more.


O’Keefe’s Tavern, Clearwater, FL

I like O’Keefe’s for their creativity.  Their fish & chips and corned beef are popular, but there are more unique items on the menu, like the Irish puffs appetizer – pastries stuffed with corned beef, cabbage, and cream cheese.  Unlike most Irish restaurants, Irish culture is combined with Florida culture at O’Keefe’s.  Their large patio includes an Irish tiki bar, and they serve tropical drinks and Florida seafood in addition to reubens, fish & chips, and Shepard’s pie.  It’s Florida Irish at its best.

DSC01811 a

On St. Patrick’s Day, O’Keefe’s will throw one of the largest parties in town, featuring Irish bands, dancers, bagpipers, green beer, corned beef, cabbage, and more.


The Lucky Dill Deli, Palm Harbor, FL

DSC01816 a

I’ve mentioned before that Lucky Dill is King of the Reuben, but it’s worth mentioning again.  They are the only place on my list that isn’t either an Irish Pub or an English pub, but as a New York Deli they know their corned beef.

DSC01828 a

Come March 14th, The Lucky Dill will be hosting a week-long St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  The celebration runs from March 14th – March 20th, and will feature live music & entertainment, 10,000 pounds of corned beef & cabbage, green beer, and a special Irish menu.


Peggy O’s, Palm Harbor

Peggy O’s is an Irish pub and restaurant in downtown Palm Harbor known for its parties, night life, special events, and downtown style.  Peggy O’s biggest parties of the year are on Halloween night (pictured above) and St. Patrick’s day.

This year, Irish fare will be on special for the entire month of March.  My favorite dish at Peggy O’s will always be the Shepard’s pie, because it’s so good I don’t bother trying anything else on the menu.  That said, I’m rather curious about the Irish nachos and Guinness fries.

DSC03919 a

Their St. Patrick’s Day festival runs from March 11th through the 20th, and will feature Celtic dancing, live bagpipers, and music from Stormbringer, The Black Honkeys, and more.


Flanagan’s Irish Pub, Dunedin, FL

I’ve never eaten at Flanagan’s before, but I have witnessed their St. Patrick’s day street festival extravaganza. The Dunedin Pipe band marches down Main St., and Irish dancers and bands perform in Pioneer Park.  A large portion of Main Street is closed for the festivities, which will spread out through the heart of downtown Dunedin on March 17th.

IMG_0483 a

How will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?


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