Winner Winner Seafood Dinner: Dunedin’s Café Alfresco and Oldsmar’s Salt Rock Tavern

We have so much great seafood here in Florida, it’s a wonder I don’t write about it every single day. This is why I’m starting a “Winner Winner Seafood Dinner” series. This way I can share all my great seafood dinners with the world, two dinners at a time. My favorite seafood dinners in the month of May came from Café Alfresco in Dunedin, and Salt Rock Tavern in Oldsmar.

Café Alfresco’s Blackened Triggerfish special

When I saw blackened triggerfish on the list of specials at Café Alfresco on Friday, May 13th, I was instantly curious. After being told that triggerfish was a  firm, mild fish like grouper, I decided to take the plunge. I’m so glad that I did. This beauty was served resting on a bed of asparagus and green tomato sauce, and topped with an avocado-cilantro crème fraîche and sliced watermelon radish. I’ve never had anything like it. Unfortunately, I may never have anything like it ever again. Café Alfresco list of specials changes every day, so you will never get bored. This is a great place to go for something both unexpected and delicious.

Cafe Alfresco's blackened triggerfish web

Salt Rock Tavern’s Just Caught Grouper

Salt Rock Tavern is one of my go to places for Southern food (the other is Craft Street Kitchen). They do a fantastic job of combining southern style with local seafood, as evidenced by their Just Caught Grouper paired with a scrumptious scoop of yellow cheddar grits. They also do a great job with their Shrimp & Grits and their Southern Hush Puppies (paired with a beer cheese fondue). And their homemade Key Lime pie (with meringue) is the best I’ve ever had.

fish and grits

What was your best seafood dinner this month (or ever)? Did you make it yourself or go out?



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