A hurricane, a fundraiser, and a long ass drive

The moment I saw Hurricane Irma covering the entire state of Florida, I knew it was going to be a total shit show. That’s why I (and about a zillion other people) shoved all their valuables in the trunk of their car and fled the state, headed for the Carolinas. Lucky for me, I had family there, so I already had a place to stay. The 12 hour drive took us about 22 hours, and gas was hard to find, but I still think it was way better than sitting through a hurricane followed by a week in 90 degree weather without air conditioning (because that’s how long it took to restore people’s power).

Driving up, I-95 North and the surrounding backroads were full of cars with Florida license plates. The only cars driving south: The National Guard and utility trucks. I had never seen or experienced anything like it. You’d stop at a rest stop or gas station in Georgia or South Carolina, and people would ask you part of Florida you were from.

I lived and worked in North Carolina for a week while people in Florida (including some of my coworkers) were sweating it out at home, taking cold showers every day, and eating room temperature food from a can. I almost feel guilty. Almost.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to alleviate said guilt by helping promote Creative Loafing’s Furricane Relief fund. All money raised will be presented to two Tampa Bay area animal shelters: The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and Suncoast Animal League. Irma soaked the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s dry dog and cat food, and Suncoast Animal league is trying to take in hurricane fosters, so they could both use a little help right now.

For more details, and to donate, click HERE.

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  1. CL is lucky to have your contribution!


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