Dessert gets sexy at this Florida restaurant

Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant combines dessert, drinks, and sexy menu descriptions to elevate your after-dinner experience into something extraordinary.

Florida’s first location of Better than Sex opened up on Key West’s Petronia Street in 2008. Ten years later, they have a new location in Key West and a second location in Orlando. They’ve been featured on The Travel Channel, CBS Sunday Morning, and in countless newspaper articles. Why all the attention? Simply put, I’ve never seen another place like this.

You enter into a rather dark dining room, barely lit by fancy chandeliers and decorated mostly in red and black.

You know what else looks great in red or black? Lingerie. Yeah, that was probably intentional.

This dessert restaurant has more than just your stomach’s satiation in mind. Co-founder Dani Johnson also hopes to satisfy your need for an after-dinner experience that is romantic, sophisticated, and sexy. Better Than Sex accomplishes this with a combination of mood lighting, romantic décor, and of course, fantastic drinks and desserts.

The Peanut Butter Perversion, a peanut butter silk pie with a jelly sauce, was the most popular menu item at my table. But every dessert was masterfully baked and beautifully plated. A similar degree of care was taken in writing the sexy menu descriptions, which are just as entertaining as they are descriptive.

The drinks are practically desserts all on their own. The Gang Bang flight of shots allows you to sample four of Better Than Sex’s signature drinks — all four are candy inspired. If you can get past the embarrassment of ordering a Gang Bang in a crowded restaurant, this is my drink recommendation. And I’m going to tell you now what my waitress kindly told me: Lick the whipped cream off the top before you down the shots, otherwise your shots will end up all over your shirt. “And that’s not sexy,” she tells me.

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